5 Affordable Landscaping Ideas to Improve Your Property Value


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Curb appeal isn’t just some random urban myth that real estate agents use to make homeowners spend more money— it’s a real phenomenon. Adjusting your property’s landscaping can boost your curb appeal as well as your general property value. While decorating trends come and go over the year, quality landscaping endures the test of time, adding value to your property right away. 

In fact, according to realestate.com, landscaping can raise your property value “as much as 12%” and can decrease the amount of time your home is on the market— sometimes by as much as six weeks (Source).

This post covers several affordable landscaping project ideas to help you increase your property value. 

Planting Trees On Your Property

Let’s face it, everyone loves a beautiful tree and they have quite a bit to offer. For example, trees work to screen off unfavorable views, while muffling sound from nearby streets and freeways. Trees have also been known to help homeowners save money— trees planted on the south and west sides of your home can reduce winter heating bills and help cut down summer cooling bills as well. 

Homeowners seek out homes with trees (as long as they aren’t endangering the property. This handy calculator can help you understand how trees can improve your property.

Water Features Improve Outdoor Living

Many homeowners seek us out to help create a backyard oasis, complete with the relaxing sound of water. It’s hard to deny that the sound of water is soothing after al on day at work. Running water can mask distracting sounds all while adding an attractive element to your yard. Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of affordable options to get started on a water feature project. Consider adding a foundation or a small pond; however, remember, there’s a water feature for every landscape and every budget. 

Edge Your Lawn

There are few things that look more enticing than a healthy, vibrant, carefully maintained lawn of green grass. The confined appearance of an edged lawn presents an easy-to-maintain look. Edging along driveways, sidewalks, garden beds, and walk ways also shows prospective buyers how meticulous you have been about your property's maintenance. They'll understand that if you're willing to keep the edges of your yard looking great, the rest of the property is likely in pristine condition too.

Stamp Concrete Patios

If you are looking to give your backyard a unique look or simply make it feel more comfortable for day-to-day use, an update to your patio may just be the solution. A stamped-concrete patio has the ability to revolutionize the look and feel of your property. Patios made out of stamped concrete are one color as the concrete is tinted before being poured. Once poured, it's stamped with a particular design to mimic tiles, stones, bricks or your own customized design. Stamped concrete patios are easy to clean, offering a wide variety of customization options; plus, it's a quick project that can improve your home for years to come.

Additional Tips                              

Even though all these projects may sound enticing, one of the largest landscaping mistakes homeowners make is beginning a project without a landscape design plan. You don’t want your yard to become a disorganized pastiche of your favorite designs— this will actually detract from your property value. Invest in an experienced landscape designer who can draw up a cohesive landscaping plan. 

As a general guideline, it's standard practice to invest 10 percent of the value of your home in landscaping. If you don't have that kind of money to invest (not all of us do!), at the minimum it's recommendable to add color with annuals, perennials or seasonal flowering shrubs. You'll want to take care of mulching, edging, removing weeds, and improving your lawn as much as possible, as these are quick and inexpensive fixes.

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"We didn't want to let too much time pass before writing to you. We are so pleased with the patio and have already used it many times in the past few weeks. We always had a nice retreat in the woods - but now we are actually USING the space to read, cook and relax. Your team was a pleasure to work with on the project. Dave kept everything moving and we felt very well informed throughout the build. He went above and beyond to make sure that our property was well cared for and that the patio ultimately fit our vision. Jimmy was the other key component to the team. He is an extremely hard worker that was very dedicated to the project and easily served as our onsite contact when Dave was unavailable. We cannot compliment either of them enough! From the beginning, we have loved your vision for this project and we hope to work with you again in the future. Thank you for creating our new backyard oasis! It's perfect." Read more comments

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