Creative Water Feature Ideas To Add To Your Landscape Design

Water features can significantly enhance your landscape design. With soothing and appealing elements, innovative water features say a lot about a home, owners and their lifestyle. Read this blog further to get some creative water feature ideas to add to your landscape design. 

Creative Water Features by landscapers near me in Weatogue CT

Artistic Fountain

A simple but artistically beautiful outdoor feature is adding a decorative fountain. Often located near a deck or patio, outdoor fountains have been popular water features because of their subtle but elegant and sophisticated style. There are many different styles to best fit your home’s vibe from simple to statuesque, multi-tiered spouting structure. Find the style you want to add to your backyard or garden that adds a classic element and calming sounds enhancing landscape design.

Backyard Pond

Ditch the indoor fish tank and bring the fish outside with a backyard pond with water-loving plants. Bring the outdoor essence to your backyard with a complete water ecosystem, including fish such as goldfish or koi fish and various water plants such as water lilies. Make sure to look into the maintenance required and filters needed to keep the water clean as well as keeping animal and plant life thriving. Backyard ponds are beautiful for gardens and placing next to walking paths for people to admire.

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Decorative Bird Bath

Colorful flowers and evergreen plants help bring your yard to life. Yet, to really make your yard thrive, add a birdbath. Birdbaths can be simple or elaborate water features that attract birds, especially in summer where the birds can gather and cool off. Birdbaths do require maintenance to attract a variety of bird species and keep your yard looking garden-fresh. Depending on the style you want, adding a birdbath can be inexpensive or a decorative addition. Really make your yard stand out with an elaborate birdbath that’s incorporated into another water feature such as a part of a garden waterfall or water fountain.  

Enhancing Waterfalls

Large or small backyard waterfalls are admired water features that personalize your landscape design. With endless design options, you can add an intricate stonewall waterfall or even add a waterfall design incorporated with your swimming pool. Let your imagination run wild and talk to a professional landscape designer that can help bring your ideas to life. 

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Pondless Waterfall

One of the most popular water features is that of a backyard waterfall. For smaller yards or gardens with minimal space, a pondless waterfall is the perfect way to still get the soothing appeal. With little maintenance due to water circulation, you can still get the appearance of a waterfall without having to worry about the cleanup. Try adding outdoor lights around this feature to highlight the waterfall effect.

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