How Landscaping Companies Influence the Curb Appeal of Rocky Hill, CT Homes

Curb Appeal Rocky Hill CT

If you’ve started to think about the day you may sell your current Connecticut home and search for another, you may have started to pay attention to the “Curb Appeal” of your home. A house’s curb appeal is determined by a combination of a few things, such as how the exterior of the home itself has been kept up, the design of the home, and the landscaping surrounding the home. When you look at a house that has been put on the market, you will almost always see that the yard has been landscaped to perfection. 


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Even if you’re not putting your Rocky Hill’s home up for sale, the curb appeal of your home still affects you. Take, for example, when you are driving up to your home and you see that the lawn is slightly overgrown. That lawn is the first thing you see and the only thing that you notice. That’s exactly how it is for everyone else that is looking at your house. The yard is the first thing that they are going to notice, and first impressions are everything.


Think about your home and the architectural style of it as well as the aesthetic feeling that you want to create. The landscaping of your yard should be an extension of that, rather than being seen as a separate piece of your home. For example, if you have a contemporary style home, a great idea would be to include a modern and sleek style of landscaping, which could mean having shrubbery shaped to mimic a statue. As the home flows with the yard into one cohesive unit, the curb appeal of the home goes up. 


Just as having the proper landscaping can raise the curb appeal of your home, having poor landscaping can lower it. A good example of something that can negatively affect your home’s curb appeal would be vines growing up the home. Vines can sometimes have a rustic vibe to them but they do not come without risk. The plants themselves can damage the siding or the paint, and they can grow into any cracks on the surface and cause them to separate. If vines start to cause the bricks or stucco to separate, it can cause foundation issues as well as become an eyesore. 


Something that has been trending more and more lately is the desire for privacy beyond being inside of one's home. If your yard is lacking coverage, it may affect how your home is seen. Installing a simple row of bushes or a few trees gives the home a safer and more “private” feeling. If you choose bushes or trees that grow flowers, it also gives a nice pop of color that is pleasing for the eye.


Additionally, if you choose to add in rows of flowers, it will definitely catch the eyes of people passing by. Just as people enjoy looking at a garden at the park, so will they enjoy looking at your home. Humans are visual creatures, we formulate opinions based on what we see in front of us, and because the landscaping around a home is the first thing we see, it becomes the foundation on which people build their opinions of a home. 


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"We didn't want to let too much time pass before writing to you. We are so pleased with the patio and have already used it many times in the past few weeks. We always had a nice retreat in the woods - but now we are actually USING the space to read, cook and relax. Your team was a pleasure to work with on the project. Dave kept everything moving and we felt very well informed throughout the build. He went above and beyond to make sure that our property was well cared for and that the patio ultimately fit our vision. Jimmy was the other key component to the team. He is an extremely hard worker that was very dedicated to the project and easily served as our onsite contact when Dave was unavailable. We cannot compliment either of them enough! From the beginning, we have loved your vision for this project and we hope to work with you again in the future. Thank you for creating our new backyard oasis! It's perfect." Read more comments

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