Landscaping Companies Use These 3 Strategies to Create Privacy in Weatogue, CT

The best thing about enjoying outdoor living is the freedom you feel taking in nature, sunlight, and fresh air. However, wide-open spaces can often leave you feeling exposed and without the privacy that the walls of your Weatogue, CT, home provide. Landscaping companies are experts when it comes to making your backyard feel private and comfortable, and there are a variety of methods to choose from to give you the cover you crave. Check out these 3 strategies that landscapers can use in your backyard to help make your space feel a little more private and enjoyable. 

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Hedge Walls

Privacy Weatogue CT

One of the most common and effective ways that you can use landscaping to your advantage in creating privacy is by installing a hedge wall around the perimeter of your property. More beautiful and visually effective than actual fencing, hedge walls can be created in a variety of ways and with many different types of plantings. You can even customize this type of privacy measure by deciding how thin or thick you want your plantings to be. If you only want partial obstruction, you may want to install decorative topiary evergreens; if you want full obstruction, thick boxwood shrubs may be more effective. Ask your landscape professional what they would suggest for using greenery to help give you the privacy you need. 


Layered Gardens

Creating layered gardens is also an effective method for using foliage to help shield you from prying eyes. Identify an area of your backyard, such as by your patio or around your pool, where you may want a little bit of extra coverage, and then consider adding layered flower beds. This method can be done in many ways with the use of vine-covered trellises, artistic masonry, retaining walls, and more for a visual landscape element that also keeps you from being exposed. Ask about using layered gardening in conjunction with other types of outdoor installations to create a personalized look that works for you. 


Create Outdoor “Rooms” 

Another way to help make you feel more secure in your backyard is by creating outdoor “rooms.” By making separate outdoor spaces, not only will you be adding privacy where you need it the most, but you’ll be able to visually define zones for ease of enjoyment. One of the most popular and visually pleasing ways to create an outdoor room is by installing a pavilion or pergola in your backyard. Pavilions and pergolas provide both cover and definition of space over outdoor kitchens, patios, and pool decks. Plus, they can easily be customized to offer different layers of privacy based on your wants and needs. By strategically placing patio furniture or a fireplace to block a view, adding a trellis with vines for extra obstruction, or adding curtains to create privacy when you need it, you’ll find that this type of outdoor structure has endless possibilities. 


If you’re feeling vulnerable in your backyard, it’s not likely that you will be able to enjoy outdoor living to the fullest extent. Consider adding one of these landscaping strategies to your backyard design plan and you’ll be able to relax in your outdoor spaces in confidence and style. 

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