Pool Designs Well Suited to Homeowners with Kids in Farmington, CT

Before taking the plunge with a new inground swimming pool, consider what will work well for you and your family. A pool area that works with kids will be different than a pool area that is intended for adult use only. To inspire you, here are a few pool designs well suited to homeowners with kids in Farmington, CT.


Kids, sunshine, and water go together perfectly on summer days. With a few key design tips in mind, the poolscape can be a safe yet fun-filled space for kids to splash the days away.


Family pools are all about fun. Think of them as small-scale water parks, and consider the types of water features that will grow along with the kids. 


Regardless of the shape of your pool and its amenities, always put safety first. A pool area should always be fenced in to prevent kids from accessing the area without adult supervision. Concrete pavers made to resemble natural stone offer a non-slip surface even when wet, and because they are sealed, they stand up better to the effects of pool chemicals than poured concrete pool decks. 


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A Pool for Sports

Pool Designs Well Suited to Homeowners with Kids in Farmington, CT

Kids aren’t likely to be doing laps, but a rectangular pool with basketball hoops on either end, a water polo net in the middle, and a deep end with a diving board or elevated platform (who can resist a cannonball splash into the pool?) will offer hours and hours of entertainment for kids of all ages.


Whenever you’re installing a pool for very active kids who will be jumping into it, make sure the pool is deep enough and wide enough for the most Olympic-level leaps.


A Tropical Cove

Kidney shaped pools have a more natural feel than rectangular pools. This shape invites natural landscaping such as waterfall and slide combinations set among boulders and lush vegetation, complete with a grotto where kids can swim under the falling water. A temporary slide can also be installed over a naturally landscaped area and removed in the future as kids outgrow it. In general, keep vegetation (including grass) some distance away from the pool to avoid a constant battle of skimming the surface to get rid of leaves, spent flowers, and grass clippings.


Their Own Island

As kids grow more independent, they love the idea of having their own adventures. If your pool area is big enough, consider a small floating deck the kids can claim as their own island kingdoms. Islands are popular with adults too, as a place to sunbathe or relax. 


Alternatively, a permanent island featuring a comfortable sitting/jumping-off ledge and minimally-shedding plants, such as emerald green arborvitae or hydrangea, contribute to a natural atmosphere. This is a feature that will grow with the kids and remain a beautiful feature long after the kids have flown the nest!


An Adjacent Hot Tub

Warming up in a hot tub after a swim is everyone’s favorite. And it’s even better if it’s directly adjacent to the pool so that your patio’s wet areas are relatively contained. A hot tub also extends your use of the space well into the winter months when the pool has been drained. 


Contact us today for inspiration on creating the most amazing kid-friendly backyard water park that will entertain the kids today and transition to a more adult-oriented poolscape as the kids grow up.


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