The Various Ways a Retaining Wall Can Be Used in Avon, CT Outdoor Living Spaces

Retaining walls have been constructed by expert masons since antiquity, and were thought to have first been used by the Egyptians to help control the waters of the river Nile. Throughout time, architects and designers have discovered that retaining walls can be used for more than just structural purposes, and they can help to mold and shape a landscape to fit a specific purpose or need. If you’ve been wondering how you can harness the power of retaining walls for your Avon, CT, outdoor living spaces, read on. We’ll show you some useful examples of how to harness this unique landscape feature. 


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Separate an Outdoor Space

One of the leading trends in outdoor living is to create “rooms” or stations for relaxation and play. Just like the interior of your home, having an open floor plan can create confusion as to where the dining space begins and the living spaces end. Retaining walls offer a low-profile way to solve that problem for your outdoors. They can easily partition off a space to help provide a sense of structure and order. Consider adding a retaining wall around your patio for a more private outdoor dining feel.


Integrated Seating

When it comes to entertaining, sometimes it’s hard to find places for all of your guests to take a seat. Retaining walls can do double-duty when you have your mason construct them with integrated seating. This type of hardscape is a clever way to always ensure sturdy year-round seating, and it can be easily modified to fit your needs. Pull up a table for an extra outdoor dining space, or add throw pillows and cushions for a soft space to land. This type of integrated seating also works well flanked around fire pits to create a look that’s truly cohesive and naturally fits in with the land. 


Outdoor Kitchen 

Love the idea of an outdoor kitchen, but want a more low-profile feel? Consider integrating your outdoor cooking space directly into a retaining wall. Sleek and out of the way, this type of outdoor kitchen is a great option for homeowners with smaller backyards or who want a less-is-more feel. Your landscape designer can show you all of the available options for installing a grill, countertops and other streamlined essentials to give you a new way to enjoy the outdoors. 


Raised Garden Bed

Sloping backyards can create a design conundrum for homeowners, leading them to believe that a garden may be out of the question. However, adding integrating tiered retaining walls into your backyard garden can help to create a unique, terraced look. These raised garden beds allow you to enjoy all of your favorite flowers and plantings at different levels, drawing the eye and making the most of potentially difficult to work with spaces. Ask your landscape designer about adding steps to access your raised garden beds, or if this type of style could be integrated into your outdoor living plan. 


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